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The purpose of my work is to help people flourish by sharing insights and inspiration for self-actualization.


The question that has been fascinating me for years is 'What makes people flourish?’ This question has sent me on an endless quest to understand human beings, especially myself. I draw inspiration from many disciplines, including psychology, philosophy, spirituality, and ancient wisdom traditions.


In 2017 I started practicing Vipassana meditation, an ancient meditation technique tracing back to the Buddha. This has massively influenced my thinking and perspective on human flourishing. 


However, I do believe that no single discipline can answer the questions that are facing us today. We need to draw from different perspectives to both understand and develop ourselves and our organizations.


I love to take people on an inner journey to discover who they are beneath the layers of ego, expectations, and conditioning. I do this by sharing insights and inspiration from my own journey and from the world's great wisdom traditions.

Do you want to know how I can help you or your organization? Just send me a message. 

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