Inspirational speaker | Trainer


The purpose of my work is to help people flourish by sharing insights and inspiration for personal transformation.


The question that has been fascinating me for years is 'What makes human beings flourish?’ This question has sent me on an infinite quest to understand human beings. I draw inspiration from many disciplines, including physics, biology, psychology, philosophy, business literature, and ancient wisdom traditions. I’ve tried many teachings on myself to find out what works and what doesn’t. I believe that no single discipline can answer the questions that are facing us today. We need to adapt an holistic viewpoint, and draw from different perspectives to both understand and develop ourselves and our organizations.


I use Yin and Yang as a core example in my workshops. Yin is chaos, and Yang is order. Too much chaos in organizations is overwhelming. This may lead to burn-outs. Too much order is restrictive. This may lead to bore-outs. In healthy organizations chaos and order are in harmony; these organizations are chaordic. They walk the narrow path of continuous renewal and innovation, driven by a noble purpose. These organizations flourish.

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