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Alexander den Heijer talks most often about leadership, self-realization, and (organizational) transformation. He mixes the latest insights from science, psychology and business literature with ancient wisdom and spirituality. His speeches are educational, entertaining, and empowering, always leaving his audience with an inspiring message. He speaks both English and Dutch.

Speeches he delivers frequently:

Transformational leadership.

Alexander likes to make leaders think. He intends to destroy conventions and trigger people to see the world from a different perspective. He uses examples from South West Airlines, Zappos, Google and Apple to help leaders understand how to build organizations that thrive in an ever-changing world. 

Redefining the organization.

Most of our organizations are still a product of the industrial age. They function like machines. A machine is a closed system, and physics teaches us that closed systems suffer from entropy and will eventually die. The most successful organizations function like eco-systems, or open systems. They're not a bunch of human resources, but rather a community of human beings. In redefining the organization, Alexander inspires people to forget everything they know about business. 

From good to great in sales and service.

In his sales speeches, Alexander explains the difference between good sales people and great sales people. He explores the motivation that drives great sales people. He shows why great sales people don't show up to get, but rather show up to give. He uses scientific research as well as personal stories and scenes from famous movies to make his message stick. 

Tailor made speeches and workshops

Ask Alexander for the possibilities concerning tailor made speeches and workshops.

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